02. Approach

Embracing People

At Faros, we combine protection services with a holistic approach that enables unaccompanied children and youth to find and cultivate their skills and talents.

Our approach is three-fold.

  1. First, our team is on the streets of Athens to find and support unaccompanied children.
  2. Second, we provide them with a protected environment and comprehensive support system in our drop-in centre and shelter.
  3. Third, we strive to empower children to move from being passive survivors to active individuals, mainly through non-formal education and mentoring.

In addition, we care for refugee mothers and families with children. At our family center in central Athens, we provide access to psychosocial support, information, and workshops that will enable them to integrate better into society. We aim to contribute to a more efficient child protection system in Athens, by conducting independent research, bringing best practices, and partnering with experts around the world.

"I feel that they take good care of me here."

Ebrahim, 15 years old and from Syria